Personal site for wedding planning

Personal site for wedding planning

The wedding is undoubtedly one of the brightest, most memorable and touching moments in the life of a couple in love. Preparation for this event consists of hundreds of pleasant trifles: from buying rings to choosing the interior of the wedding hall.

How sometimes I want to share with the guests this festive fuss and my mood. Or talk about how you met, dipping again in a heap of warm memories captured in joint photographs. A good solution would be to create a best wedding website.

Details for clarification by guests

Guests are invited, you start preparing for the wedding and understand that you need to call guests at least once more so that now they have organizational information, without which it is simply not possible to prepare the wedding. Using the best wedding website builder, you can solve all these nuances. Namely:

  1. Will you be with the kids? The age of the kids? Where useful: settlement conditions, the presence of children's chairs, children's menus, animators
  2. Will you be alone or with a couple? Where useful: number of portions, seating at banquet tables
  3. Will you come by your car or need a transfer? Where useful: calculation of places in transport and alcohol
  4. Are you planning on staying the night? Where useful: ordering rooms for guests to stay, calculating places for a return transfer, ordering breakfasts
  5. What drink will you drink at the banquet? Where useful: ordering alcohol, discussing conditions with a restaurant, serving tables

Special wishes on the banquet menu? vegetarian, allergy, diet. Where useful: making a banquet menu

How to prepare for the wedding?

Schedule up to three calls a day. Since, most likely, short calls will turn into friendly conversations.

Prepare a cheat sheet in advance with everything you need to inform the guest. Otherwise, you can "get sick" and only by hanging up the phone to remember everything you forgot to say.

Write on wedding website, in notes, a short list of everything you discussed during the conversation. And send a copy of the list to the guest after the call so that everything important is always available for viewing. Memory is an unreliable thing!

Paper Invitation - Last Century

Let's compare some basic criteria for wedding invitations:

Cost. Despite the fact that the wedding invitation site has much more functionality than paper invitations, the use of its main functions is free.

Personalization. In both cases, you can choose the design of the invitation and fit your individual data there. On wedding website search, this will be done automatically when the profile is filled out and the versions of the ready-made texts will be offered.

Time. Here the victory is definitely for sending invitations from the site. Thanks to a well-designed interface and functions:

  • selection of finished designs.
  • editing texts in the invitation.
  • easy-to-use distribution table.
  • Choose how to send SMS, email.

In addition, having handed over paper invitations, you will definitely have to call guests to see if they can accept your invitation. In invitations sent from their wedding site, the answer buttons built into the invitations are immediately embedded.

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